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Mar 12,1987 Initially handling products and dealing manufacturers
1) Candela Lasear., USA : Dye Laser
2) Mbb-Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany : Nd:YAG Laser
3) Kreistechnik AG, Austria : Ultroasund
4) Leisegang GmbH, Germany : Coloscope
5) Wakeling Pie Ltd, UK : Fetal Monitor
6) Xanar Laser Copration, USA : Co2 Laser 
Mar, 1988 Estabilished Busan Office
Oct, 1988 Moved to larger facility located in Gangnam Gu
Jan, 1989 Initially introduced Excimer at Cadiovascular Surgery and Ophthalmology
Jan, 1989 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Surgilase Inc (CO2 laser)
May 1989 Organized Endo (Hall) Surgery workshop for the first time in Korea
July, 1989 Acquired an exculusive distributorship from Visiray Pty, Ltd
Year of 1990 Initially introduced Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Oct, 1990 Acuqired an exclusive distributorship from Rocket and Labotech and Gonotec for IVF equipment
Yeat of 1991 "Best Sales Distributor in Aisa Pacific area for vaginal ultrasound system
Aug, 1991 Moved to a larger facility located in Samsung dong, Kangnam Gu
Nov, 1991 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Heraeus Lasersonic
Jan 1992 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Seward Medical 
Mar, 1992 Selected "Excellent Small Business" by Chocheung Bank 
Jun 1993 Moved to larger facility in Mijin Bldg at Samsung dong
Year of 1994 Changed the company name to the "Shin Han Systek co.,Ltd
Year of 1998 400 units of medical laser system were installed in Korea market and 250untis of vaginal ultrasound system were isntalled
Jan 01, 1996 Increased capital and founded foreign travel department 
Mar 1996 Acquaired an exclusive distributorship from Innerdyne for Disposable Trocar
Jan 1997 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Laserscope and B-K Medical
Mar 1997 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Hewliet Packard to enter into the OB/Gyne market
May 1997 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from "Fotona" 
Year of 1998 Provided Electronics medical system to the worldwide via Shin Han ITC
Year of 1999 Started to produce CO2 Laser (Name: Smartpulse)
July 21 1999 Established Factory in Seongnam Area
Dec 23, 2000 Increased capital
May 14, 2001 Moved to a larger facility in Dongheung Bldg at Samsung Gu
Sep 2002 In order to target a varicose vein and hemorrhoids market, acuqired an exclusive distributorship from Diomed
Dec 2002 Achieved turnover of $10,000,000 at 2001
Year of 2003 Awarded the excellent conpmay by KFDA
Aug 2003 100 units of Vbeam Dye laaser were installed in Korea market
Nov 2003 Launched the Robotic Surgical System for Hip and Knee surgery in Korea market. 
Dec 2003 Developed CS (Customer Satisfaction) campaign 
Oc 2004 Selected " Best Sales Distributor in Asia Area" by B-K Medical
Nov 2005 Provided new Guidline of BPH treatment with "GreenLight system" is manufactured by LaserScope.
Year of 2006 Introduced RFA system, Rita Medical is suitable with Liver, Lung And Thiroid cancer treatment. 
Mar 12 2006 Visited to JeJu Island to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding 
June 2006 Acquired an exclusive distributorship from Rythec
Mar 12 2007 Visited to Fukuoka, Japan to celebrate "the 21th anniversary of the founding
Apr 2007 Started to sell standard Forceps is required at Laparoscopic surgery after acquiring an exclusive distributorship from Starion Instruments, USA
Sep 2007 Started to sell the "Dental Laser" is manufactured by Fotona 
Year of 2008 Established new regional agencies 
Mar 2008 Awarded the "Best Distributor in 2008" by Sciton
Mar 2009 Started to sell the Shock wave system to remove the Celluite after acquired an exclusive distributorship from Storz, Swiss 
Mar 12 2010 Visited to Beijing to cellebrate "the 22th anniversary of the founding"
Sep 2010 Established "Research and Development Center"
Sep 2010 Targeted skin toning market with Fotona QX MAX system, Fotona d.d.
Oc 2010 Cleared GIP regular audit 
Nov 2010 Started to provide B-K Anesthesia Utlrasound system to the Anesthesia market with Jays Medical System 
May 26-29, 2011 Exhibited World Dermatolgy Congress in Seoul 
Aug, 2011 Launched Pelleve system is expected excellent result for Skin Tightening and wrinkle reduction in Korea market
Nov 2011 Launched NeoUltra system in Korean bodyshaping market 
Feb 2012 Launched Safer system in Korean hair implant market
Feb 2012 KMDIA (Korean Medical Devices Industry Association) appointed KK Lee as a board of director at KMDIA
Mac 2012 KMDIA appointed KK Lee as a chairman for Ethics at KMDIA
July 2012 Established Shin Han Photos
Nov 2012 Launched Fotona Gynecology laser for Vaginal Tightening and stress urinary incontinence 
Feb 2013 Aquired an exclusive distributorship from Viora company
Mar 2013 Developed and launched Imaing system (Model: Photomanager) by Shin Han Photos 
May 2013 KFDA appointed KK Lee as a expert of government medical device committee
Aug 2013 Launched Photomanager Version 2 by Shin Han Photos